Unfortunately, the PPC Tribe in London is not going to happen

Today might just be one of the hardest days of my life. Up until now, my articles have been meant to spread light and excitement on my latest visions and the projects we’re working on. Today, though, I have to do the opposite and take a step back from one of those dreams: I have decided to not follow through with PPC Tribe.

Even though the story behind this project is very long and elaborate, let me try to offer a clear and honest explanation. In fact, I’m going to share with you exactly what I told I sent out yesterday to the people who had been in it with me – the speakers set to present at the event.

On Monday, just after the Marketing Festival, I sat down to analyze all the numbers we’d gathered for the London project so far. Based on the numbers from the analytics, social networks, and mailchimp, and from the conversations with potential partners and attendees, I estimated the success of the project under current conditions at around 20%.

This number is influenced by all kinds of factors. As the launch of this project got delayed, there were only 5 months left to promote it and establish some kind of credibility in a new and very competitive market. And it’s entirely possible that our price – low in comparison with the market average (800 GBP+) – did not serve to make us any more credible.

This left what I perceived to be an 80% chance that Tribe would fail, an event that would automatically put me out on the streets (the overall costs for the event would be upwards of 400 thousand pounds). Besides the obvious business reasons, there are personal reasons, too. After the insanely stressful marathon that came with Marketing Festival, I’m still feeling rather weak and I’m ready for a change. It would take literally every last ounce of me (and my time) to put together a team with whom I could sell out this conference in 5 months. To be completely honest, right now I’ve got dreams of taking things more slowly, spending some time with the family and friends, and, of course, with the motorbikes in our shop.

I know this is not good news, but as a businessman I have to recognize when the risk is too large and when to put the brakes on a project. And that moment has come.

Every cloud has a silver lining, so right now I’m happy that my team and I will be free to start focusing on the next Marketing Festival from January 1. I just got done watching the video for next year’s Festival, and things just fell into place for me: right now, this team, our resources, our energies, our enthusiasm, right now they are meant to be right here, making Marketing Festival the best it can possibly be. have a look for yourself… you’ll see what I mean.

Next year’s Festival will not only be geared towards raising the bar yet again, but my main goal is to introduce some big changes to the concept. Something to get you excited for October 20-22, 2016.

Thank you very much for your support and, most of all, for your understanding.

Jindrich Faborsky

Digital marketer, lecturer and owner of Marketing Festival. Believes in fair-play and that the main goal of an entrepreneurship is to provide added value. Prefers quality over quantity, especially in education.

One comment: On Unfortunately, the PPC Tribe in London is not going to happen

  • Hey Jindrich
    Just read your post.
    Sad as was revisitng the site yesterday to book tickets.
    But great because it would have been terrible if it’d taken its toll on your health and financially.
    I’d signed up for updates so wondered if it’d be possible to add my details to the marketingfestival list so I can book my tickets for this event as soon as they come out.
    Thanks so much

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